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A Gem from Paul Singh – How to Raise Money

How to Raise Money

Hey, quick question for you. I spend a lot of time meeting entrepreneurs (85 cities across North America over the past 18 months and 15+ countries over the past few years!) and there’s often one primary question on their mind: how do I raise money for my company?

Initially, I wrote I wrote a blog post about that question. You can find it here: How to raise money (from me) in 2017. But I quickly realized that might not be enough. So, I’ve created a free email course on fundraising for startups and all you have to do is click that link to join it. It’s much more detailed and much more tactical — I spent hours cutting through all the BS so you won’t have to do it.

You can sign up (again, totally free and all you have to do is click to join) here: Fundraising for Startups