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Posts by Mitchell Bolnick

A Gem From Jen Kahtz – Why Do You Buy?

Why Do You Buy? The obsessive drive to study human connection and what creates trust and buying behavior started way before Emotive Pull even began. I have to share a true story of an experience where I was emotionally pulled to buy. Pay attention to the concepts so you can use them in your marketing…

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A Gem From Jeffery Gitomer – The Secret Code to Mastering Mindset

The Secret Code to Mastering Mindset The personal development buzzword for the last decade or so has been MINDSET. Here’s a bit of history and explanation. NAPOLEON HILL is the grandfather of MINDSET. His definition was concentration combined with the elements of enthusiasm, self-confidence, a chief major aim, and providing more service than you are…

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Owning A Business Can Be Fun

Owning A Business Can Be Fun Always stressful, always dealing with problems… …always on a roller-coaster (actually several all at once), always looking for answers, always wanting more, baby-sitting employees every day….it can still be fun! Really, but it’s up to you to set yourself up for success so that you can enjoy your business…

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