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Thank you for checking out our Business Success Secrets. I hope to share my 30+ years of experience in managing business.  I have fallen through many a rabbit hole throughout my years in ever increasing roles at a multinational business and as managing partner of a small 23 employee, $3m business.  Those experiences have been invaluable to me and my hope is to share them with you.  If I can help you avoid one or two of my mistakes, or climb out of one of those rabbit holes you may have fallen into, then I will have accomplished my goal.  Read More About Business Success Secrets

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What Problem Are You Solving?

What Problem Are You Solving? Knowing why people will spend their money with you. While the stages of business development ( are important to understand the concept of making assumptions versus validating them is critical to your long-term business success.  The real key to long term success comes from understanding the various components of your…

5 Stages of Business Development

What Stage of Business Development Are You In? So, you are an entrepreneur.  You are developing your business, and of course refining your product/service, talking to customers and ready to start seeking funding.  Or you don’t need funding and all you need is some (or more) customers. Are you a start-up business? Are you a…

Valuing Your Business

To Create Value In Your Business You Must Know This Do you know what your business is worth to an investor or a bank? Do you care? More importantly, do you really know what drives the value of your business to grow? And should you care? If you said revenue growth you are wrong. Just…

Why Planning is the Key?

May 2018 Newsletter You may have a great product or service, so what? Let’s be practical, the most important thing to any small business is…!  Whether you have solid funding or not two of the most important metrics are always…cash-in and cash-out.  So, is that it? As long as you have enough cash are you ensured…

Two Hierarchies Every Business Owner Should Understand

An Enlightening Experience About Hierarchies I received an e-mail the day after a recent seminar from one of the attendees.  Martin owns a small family-run business here in the Phoenix area.  During the talk, I introduced what I call “Mitch’s Hierarchy of Customer Loyalty Needs”.  It is my take on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs…

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Newsletter – June 2019

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Video – Defining COGS and Overhead

What is COGS? What is Overhead? What’s the Difference?  

A Gem from Noah Fleming – Catch Someone Doing Good

Catch Someone Doing Good I was picking up a few things for my cat and checking out at PetSmart this week. As I entered my card information, I was asked if I wanted to donate to PetSmart Charities. Having a soft spot for animals, I left a small donation. When I got home later that…

A Gem from Jeffrey Gitomer – Why You Should Eat Dessert First

Why You Should Eat Dessert First “Don’t start your presentation until the customer agrees to buy,” says Ray Leone. WOW. That’s power if you can pull it off. “The sale is made before the presentation begins if you ask the right questions to qualify and interest the buyer to a point of commitment,” he says.…

A Gem from Paul Singh – How to Raise Money

How to Raise Money Hey, quick question for you. I spend a lot of time meeting entrepreneurs (85 cities across North America over the past 18 months and 15+ countries over the past few years!) and there’s often one primary question on their mind: how do I raise money for my company? Initially, I wrote I wrote…