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Thank you for checking out our Business Success Secrets. I hope to share my 30+ years of experience in managing business.  I have fallen through many a rabbit hole throughout my years in ever increasing roles at a multinational business and as managing partner of a small 23 employee, $3m business.  Those experiences have been invaluable to me and my hope is to share them with you.  If I can help you avoid one or two of my mistakes, or climb out of one of those rabbit holes you may have fallen into, then I will have accomplished my goal.  Read More About Business Success Secrets

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Communicate by Listening

Communication is the Key to Success Speaking Well Isn’t Enough Your ability to communicate is the number one factor for determining success in your business, and specifically your ability to manage and lead others. In fact, communication is the key to success in everything you do, professionally and personally. I believe so strongly in this, I wanted to…

How to Create a Successful Pitch Deck

Assumptions are just concepts, ideas, thoughts. Assumptions are often wrong because they are not based or backed up by real facts.

Why a SWOT Analysis Determines Success

At this point in my Framework to Business Development blog series we have covered the majority of the key components for your entire business.

Visualize the Future of Your Business

As a quick refresher, the components of your culture/people/structure definition include the following: Team, roles, skillsets; Ownership structure & documentation.

Will Your Team Take You to Victory?

While the stages of business development are important to understand, the concept of making assumptions versus validating them is critical to your long-term business success.

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A Gem from Paul Singh – Niche is the New Big

You know, I’m tired of entrepreneurs showing off their “exit slide” on their half-assed pitch decks. I’m tired of investors constantly looking for unicorns. I’m tired of community leaders encouraging their communities to build the next Kodak or whatever. It’s all a waste of time. If you want to take better care of your family,…

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A Gem from Noah Fleming – The Stewardship Award

Last week my daughter was given The Stewardship Award at her school for her love of the environment. When I asked her why she thought she was getting the award, she surprised me by not just telling me how she loved animals and the outdoors but proceeded to give me very specific examples of the small, yet…

A Gem from Paul Singh – You Might Have the Best Start-up in the World, But…

You know, I’ve been sitting here thinking about that email I sent you an hour ago… and I want to clarify the second tip I mentioned to you: You might have the best startup in the world… but if the investor across the table doesn’t get it, the deal’s not happening. If they can’t relate with…

A Gem from CJ Cornell – T-Ball Entrepreneurship

The Lone-Wolf Startup? Entrepreneurship evokes images of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos – but the reality is that the lone-wolf genius with the change-the-world idea is rare. Today, it’s almost impossible to build a startup alone. It takes a community of shared knowledge and of shared resources. A community that is more than just…