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Thank you for checking out our Business Success Secrets. I hope to share my 30+ years of experience in managing business.  I have fallen through many a rabbit hole throughout my years in ever increasing roles at a multinational business and as managing partner of a small 23 employee, $3m business.  Those experiences have been invaluable to me and my hope is to share them with you.  If I can help you avoid one or two of my mistakes, or climb out of one of those rabbit holes you may have fallen into, then I will have accomplished my goal.  Read More About Business Success Secrets

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Arrogance Kills!

If you think you know it all, your business will fail. You have to be cutthroat and…

Fix the Cracks in Customer Loyalty Before Your Business Crumbles

If you provide service like this you are in trouble. I just returned from a trip to Europe, Italy and Amsterdam to be more specific.

Communicate by Listening

Your ability to communicate is the number one factor for determining success in your business, and specifically your ability to manage and lead others. In fact, communication is the key to success in everything you do, professionally and personally.

How to Create a Successful Pitch Deck

Assumptions are just concepts, ideas, thoughts. Assumptions are often wrong because they are not based or backed up by real facts.

Why a SWOT Analysis Determines Success

At this point in my Framework to Business Development blog series we have covered the majority of the key components for your entire business.

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Newsletter – July 2019

Fix the Cracks in Customer Loyalty Before Your Business Crumbles   Click Here to View…

Video – The Connection Between Culture and Loyalty

The Connection Between Culture and Loyalty  

A Gem from Noah Fleming – Dealing with Resistance

One of the common themes I’ve had to deal with in many of these organizations–regardless of size–is the sentiment that “This too, shall pass.”

A Gem from Greater Phoenix SCORE – The 7 C’s of Success

If I asked 10 people what the definition of Success is, I bet I would get 8 to 10 different answers.

A Gem from Paul Singh – Raising Money? Just Ask for It!

Seed. Pre-seed. Pre-A. Series A. Bridge. Just stop. There are so many names given to people’s fundraising these day.