Testimonial from Tiffany Armstrong

Here’s the deal. I’ve attempted another couple of companies, and they have not worked out well due to me not having a clearly laid out plan. I’ve read hundreds of books, and Mitch’s stands out to me because there is ZERO fluff. He gets straight to the point with all actionable items, and gives you the reasons for each. He doesn’t waste your time with a lot of extra words. He tells you exactly how to write your business plan and the why behind each step in order to have a business that will have long-term success. You HAVE to have a plan in order to be successful. He helps you to anticipate possible bumps in the road, so you can avoid them. Mitch also helps you write the perfect plan in order to attract the investors you are looking for. Potential investors look for very specific benchmarks and points to be covered in your plan for them to buy in. Mitch lays these out clearly and concisely. This book is one of THE most valuable business books I’ve come across. I have 100% certainty that my business will be successful after having gone through the steps that Mitch laid out. THANK YOU to Mitch. This book changed my world! I can now put my attention into changing lives through my business rather than feeling overwhelmed by unanticipated challenges. You helped me to handle those proactively, so I can live out my passion. This book is truly amazing!