7 Reasons This Book Is Written For You

If you are a leader of an organization, this one’s for you.

I will start with an apology as I chose to be a bit gratuitous this month. My new book “Mitch’s Framework for Business Development” will be available on Amazon on September 15,2020. I thought I would spend this month outlining the reasons I wrote this book for people just like you. Whether you are a start-up business or a larger business in the growth cycle, if you are a leader in your organization there is something for you to learn. Please indulge me.

1) It is written for people like you

Like my first book I wrote this book with two things in mind: a) be specific and to the point and b) be as short and readable as possible. I realize that entrepreneurs and leaders like you get inundated with information and that you all are extremely busy. Wait, correction, double extremely busy. The last thing you have time for right now is a book. This book is the accumulation of several blogs, just like this. Each one short and to the point.

I chose the information provided carefully in order to provide what I believe are the top things you can do to grow a successful business. As the title states, it is also the framework for your business development, the guide to your long-term success. That means I include information I expect for you to reference frequently as you determine the next steps to your business development. If that sounds like what you need, then this book is for you. Carry it around in your back pocket and let it help you achieve the next level of your business success.

2) Understanding Customer Loyalty

I have dedicated an entire chapter to the concept of Customer Loyalty. If you are a regular reader you realize that this is something I believe is required for true long-term success. However, once you read that chapter you are going to realize that the rest of the book, from the first chapter to the last, is all about what is required of you to generate true Customer Loyalty. You do that by eliminating the Customer Loyalty cracks that currently exist in your business. What are those potential cracks? The book will enlighten you. As a reminder, my concept of Customer Loyalty is that it goes way beyond customer satisfaction. While you must determine the key for your business in generating satisfied customers, that alone is insufficient. The book also outlines why.

3) Understanding the value of your business

Value may be “in the eye of the beholder”, but when it comes to your business there are real factors that drive its value. As with the chapter on Customer Loyalty, once you have a real appreciation of how the market, and investors, value your business you will also understand why implementing the rest of the book is so critical. The things that generate loyalty in the long term are also the basis for reducing the risk of your business. The book explains the relationship between risk, value and business success.

4) Understanding the importance of planning

Planning gets such a bad name. “We don’t need no stinking business plan!” I hear that a lot. Yes, you do. It probably does not need to be a lengthy document, but it needs to exist. Existence is insufficient though; it needs to be a live active process that leads to a plan that can be implemented. That plan is then the heart of your goal setting and what should drive everything that happens in your business. Without it you lead by the seat of your pants. That is what most business leaders do, and why so many businesses fail to survive for the long-term. My hope is that the chapter on planning will ignite your leadership juices into action.

5) Understanding the number one key skill for all leaders

“Leaders are born leaders.” While that sounds grand, and for some it is true, leadership can be learned. But what skills are required for effective, if not great leadership? I dedicated the last chapter of the book to my thoughts on this topic and you may be surprised by what I have to say. The fact is most leaders lack many of the skills necessary to be effective. They are thrust into leadership roles based on things like ownership, nepotism and attrition. Once in a leadership role, they assume they must be effective leaders. The reality is that, like all things, one must work to gain the skills required to perfect leadership. If they don’t do that, they are a figure head, or worse, a detriment to long term success.

6) Understanding what stage of business development that you are in

The problem most businesses have is leadership is told that the most important thing to accomplish is sales. Without sales you have nothing, right? So, once they have sales the company must be ready for the “Growth” stage of business development. The focus shifts accordingly. But the problem with that approach is along the way most of them miss defining many of the most critical aspects of their business. They spend most of their efforts fixing the holes created by these missing parts. In most cases they find themselves applying band aids and not even realizing that major surgery is what is really needed. Those realizations come too late and they fail.

The heart of my book outlines the things that must be defined during each stage of a business’s development. Most importantly for you, it will help you identify the things that you have skipped over so you can develop plans to close those holes. That is the real purpose of this book.

7) The basis for development of your plan

To sum it up, my goal with this book is to provide entrepreneurs and leaders with the basis for the development of your own plan. To help you determine the most critical gaps you have in your business development, and how to close them. If you are sincere with yourself, I believe you are going to find several, perhaps even many, things you need to start focusing on that have been overlooked. Ignoring them will be to your detriment, that I can guarantee.

Your challenge this week is to read the book and take the next steps to your long-term business success.

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Mitchell Bolnick – The Excel Consulting Group