Every entrepreneur knows that networking is key to growing your business.  It is through connections that most real business is conducted.  Today there are many different types of networking available, all take your time and most take your money.  So is it worth it?  Your time and/or your money?  I like to distinguish between two types of networking social business opportunities and business networking.

The former typically entails attending different gatherings at a bar or restaurant of some sort where random groups of people socialize in the hopes of making a connection.   Some of the people are the same week to week or month to month but the majority are random new people looking for…well, you really don’t know do you?  Some of these are more about the alcohol or hooking up than they are about doing business.

The later is distinguished by the people showing up, more likely first thing in the morning, for the purpose of showcasing themselves and genuinely learning about what others in attendance can offer to them and, more importantly, their support group.  In these settings the same people generally show up at each meeting, because they find real value in the connections they make.  Many of these groups are by invitation only.  That helps ensure the quality of the people in attendance, and in some cases even ensure there is no overlap in skill sets in attendance.

Eliances falls into the later group.  It is by invitation only, but there is no worry about overlapping skill sets because it is understood that we each bring unique backgrounds and experiences to the table, even if your skill sets may be similar.  I encourage you to check out Eliances as www.eliances.com.