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We have passed election day and its effects will be widespread. Whether we like it or not, changes in politics have an impact on any level of society — for individuals, communities, and businesses. Political policies of the incumbent can control the current legal framework of the economy affecting the business operation and consumer behavior.

Awareness of the possible changes in political policies can help you plan and develop a strategy for your business. What are the political policies small businesses should watch out for?

Economic policies – Political parties have their own ideologies from which they based economic policies to enact both at the local and national level. Recovery measures from the pandemic may also be a factor. In a published article, it says that the incoming administration’s plan “has tied the economic revival to tackling climate change, racial equity, and reinvestment in American manufacturing.”

Tax policies – Taxes levied on individuals and businesses can more or less affect the spending in the marketplace. Interest rates throughout the economy, particularly small business loans, may be influenced by these changes as well.

Labor policies – Similarly, changes regarding minimum wages, terms of employment, labor-related taxes, insurance requirements may be motivated by political ideologies. Any of these changes can mean an adjustment in business expenses, which small businesses with minimal cash reserves may struggle with. For example, a new labor policy may create new costs for the business.
Our ability to adapt to these changes determines the success of our business in the long run. As CEO of our businesses, we must stay on top of political trends and conditions in order to always make the best decisions for business progress.

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